Manual pricing mode

What is this and why do I need it?

This mode allows users to set their own prices for items. We introduced this mode because there are a lot of unpriced items or items with unstable pricing in TF2. And we want to give you an opportunity to trade as many items as possible with our little help. You can set your own prices for items with a site's usual pricing of at least 30 refs or unpriced ones

How to use it

To sell items with your price set, you need to switch to manual pricing mode by clicking on the button'Prices set by you', then select the items you need, set the price in refined metal and send the trade. You can also return your items or edit their price in the box on the right

When will I receive a currency?

When someone trades its item/-s for yours you receive a currency that you can spend on the site balance with a 3 % fee

An important info:

Before trade, make sure that your account was not taken by scammers, the site is not responsible for items being lost that way during the trade. Also, the site is not responsible for the users' items that were blocked as a result of a bot getting banned
If you spam the site with inappropriate priced items, for example, a crate for 10,000 refs, access to this mode will be limited, and prices for your items will be changed to an average market price


Unusual items' prices depend on the effect

All other things are valued depending on the number of items at bots


1. We return the change to the balance

2. Before starting, make sure you can trade

3. Click the Help button if you have encountered with an error

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